Syovata Ndambuki

5 Casual Outfits Ideas For The Black Suede Asti Boots

A man in boots is definitely considered very sexy, stylish and fashionable. Boots have always been considered trendy since the mid 20th century, and the Beatles made it quite difficult to get rid of Men's Boots after rocking them in the 60s. It, however, takes a fashion forward individual to pair luxury laceup boots with the right kind of outfit. Wearing the wrong clothes to accompany your boots can ruin their look as well as diminish their value. We’ve got 5 simple casual outfits you can pull o

Tap into the beauty of stones

If you live near a grand and mysterious stone such as the Luanda Magere and Kit Mikayi (both in Kisumu County) or the Nzambani rock in Kitui County, it is only fair to keep your landscape extroverted. Every space has character. Indeed, landscaping architect Robert Kariuki, categorises space much as one would humans. For instance, he describes spaces that barely interact with their surroundings as introverted. Such spaces, keep to themselves through high walls and tall trees. Mr Kariuki suggest

Water features for every space

In addition, the sound produced by water features can be therapeutic, especially if you are one of those people who enjoy time alone reading or listening to music. Like the name suggests, in this type of fountain water shoots upwards and then downwards in an arc through a nozzle. Different nozzles produce different effects. There are nozzles that release water like volcanic eruptions, those that produce the effect of popping champagne, and yet others that simulate windmills, thus producing rot

Bold colours, focused lighting main trends this year

Lighting: Traditionally, a fluorescent or incandescent bulb at the centre of a room was good enough for lighting. However, 2018 will be all about strategically placed focused lighting in both commercial and residential spaces, thanks to increased demand. Mr Kavu says that in addition to providing lighting, bulbs can be used to illuminate pieces of art or family portraits, create moods in specific areas, accent a wall and also be ornamental. He also predicts a shift towards sophisticated lightin